Money Matters

Thoughts on finances, cashflow, security, and how we help our clients not worry about it.

All Payments are not equal

It’s easy to assume that all payments are alike. After all, they’re all money flowing out of your accounts. But paying a handyman in cash to buy a new hinge and install it on a door of your rental property is not the same as buying an airline ticket for a business...

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Fire yourself and get a real accountant

What’s your unique value-add? There are some things that only you can do. Like running your business in a particular way to delight your customers and clients. Or managing your portfolio of investments with a keen eye to value and your goals. Or being an engaged dad,...

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ADPs products explained

Only best-of-breed solutions for our clients Maxwell Money has been working with payroll solutions for decades. If you’ve ever researched payroll products, you’ve probably seen what a confusing landscape it is out there. There are many widely different products, each...

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Make Cash Flow Work for You

We all know the overriding concept of business success: you bring in more money than you spend. Easy, right? But if you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve probably seen that there’s more to it than making sure your end-of-year totals are good. To succeed—or even...

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Invoicing best practices for Professional services

Get paid like a pro for your professional services If you’re in the professional services business, you know how important the invoicing process can be.  At Maxwell Money, we’ve found that service-based businesses often have similar problems with invoicing and getting...

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Who can you trust with your books?

If you could use help with bookkeeping, but instead are doing it all yourself, there’s probably a simple reason why—and it’s probably trust. How can you trust that a bookkeeping service can deliver the quality and confidentiality that you need? We urge you to evaluate...

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