Businessman standing with arms crossed in his office, desktop with laptop on foreground, selective focus

What’s your unique value-add?

There are some things that only you can do. Like running your business in a particular way to delight your customers and clients. Or managing your portfolio of investments with a keen eye to value and your goals. Or being an engaged dad, loving mom, good friend, and inspiring stand-up member of your extended family, business, or community. Those are the activities that define you and add value to your life and the lives of others.

And then there’s that other thing you do that takes up precious time but just doesn’t deliver that kind of value. It’s bookkeeping. Whether you’re a skilled amateur bookkeeper or even a professional CPA, odds are bookkeeping is not an area where you add unique value. Outsourcing it to a professional bookkeeping service is a win-win: you win back more time for the things that truly inspire you. And the quality of the bookkeeping is likely to be as good or even better than it was before.

Maxwell Money clients have three things in common: They’re successful. They’re eager to engage with their businesses, families, and communities. And they’re smart enough to realize that there’s everything to gain, and nothing to lose, from hiring a professional bookkeeping service.

What about you? Is the time you spend on bookkeeping now costing you time you’d rather spend in other ways? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you handle all your own bookkeeping for your business or yourself?
  • Have you ever had to work nights or weekends to take care of bookkeeping?
  • Do you ever find errors or issues with late payments, no reports, or late invoicing?
  • Have you ever experienced cash flow issues due to lack of timeliness?
  • Are you unable to make accurate forecasts due to lack of information or bandwidth?
  • Is tax preparation costing you more than it should because your books aren’t fully ready?
  • Do you worry about liability due to bookkeeping errors?
  • Does the thought of an audit scare you?

If you answered “yes ” to more than two of the following questions, come talk to us. Maxwell Money is a professional accounting and bookkeeping service, staffed by experts, run according to industry best practices, and supported by state-of-the-art technology.

Choose us as your bookkeepers, and you’ll reduce your stress and increase the time you can spend on the activities and relationships that really matter to you. Because when we’ve got your books, you’ve got your life back. (Love it!)