Desk papers and coffeeIf you’re reading this, you’re beginning to think that you’re spending too much time on bookkeeping, and you’re researching your options. But odds are you’re now staring at a lot of different bookkeeping websites, and you’re just not sure how to get from a Google search to a real-world bookkeeping services solution. Is it easy? Is it a big hassle? How does this work, anyway?

We can’t speak for every company, but here’s how you’d work with Maxwell Money.

  1. Call us. It won’t take long. We’ll ask a few questions on the phone to get a sense of your requirements and determine if we are a fit.
  2. Tell us what isn’t working/how you came to this point. At this first meeting, we’ll ask questions about your current situation, and what challenges you’re facing. We aim to get a sense of how we can best help you, and we discuss with you what “success ” would look like. Instead of offering a standard, one-size-fits-most bookkeeping service, we work with you to create a service level agreement which spells out exactly which bookkeeping services you want, and what timelines and response times you need.
  3. Approve our proposal. We then create a detailed service proposal for delivering our services. We tell you which packages and services we’ll be using and the processes we’ll follow to ensure that we meet your requirements. You review, modify, and approve the proposal, and then we get started creating your bookkeeping system.
  4. Schedule an onboarding call to answer a few more questions (usually takes an hour or less). Working with the specified software packages and services, we implement your bookkeeping solution, integrate all your existing data and streaming data sources, and configure the solution to meet your requirements. By the end of this process, we’ll have cleaned up and caught up your books, fully standardized your workflow processes, and documented every aspect of your bookkeeping service. During this stage, we may have to ask a few questions, but most clients spend an average of two hours or less on this process, helping to ensure that we capture all the information we need to set up their customized bookkeeping service.
  5. Check in once a month. Once your systems are up and running, you’ll just be hearing from us if we spot an issue that needs your attention, or during a once-a-month review of our bookkeeping activities on your behalf. For most clients, this takes less than one hour a month, which leaves them more time for running their businesses and spending time doing the things they love. Which, for most people, doesn’t include accounting.

That all sounds easy, right? But we left out one important last step.

  1. Relax. We’ve got your books.