icon-case-study  Maxwell’s 2018 Guide to Payroll

For many small businesses, payroll can be the biggest expense. At Maxwell, we have learned with big expenses, comes big responsibility. Not only do your employees depend on it, it also introduces compliance issues that could affect your financials or even your business’ reputation.

At Maxwell, our goal is to improve our client’s financial workflow, and we recognize through experience that having a payroll department that runs smooth like a well-oiled machine is critical to the health of all businesses. This is why we have worked tirelessly to create the following Guide as a resource for our clients, professional partners, and fans!


Through the 30 + years we’ve been around and hundreds of clients we have supported, we have learned a tremendous amount about payroll.  Here are a number of articles that discuss payroll best practices successful companies have established.



One of the easiest ways for a business to get sideways is by making critical tax or compliance errors. And while it may be easy to ignore these issues for some time, it is not easy to repair them. Tax and compliance impacts every area of your payroll from local to federal agencies and everyone in between. Here are several articles to help you and your business stay on track and in compliance.


Regardless of your company’s size, all employees should be treated equally. By implementing policies of a large organization, you allow your business to grow into a big company without having to change your policies and procedures and it also provides your employees with the foundation they truly deserve. Here are several articles to help you manage your resources.

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Compensation isn’t the only thing prospective employees are considering when deciding to join your company. Competitive employee benefits are also a major factor in their determination. The following articles offer information and advice to help your company become a place where people dream of working!


There are literally hundreds of solutions available for small businesses to help facilitate the payroll process, and here at Maxwell, we have spent countless hours researching and testing these solutions in order to offer our clients advice on the best solutions available. The following articles discuss these solutions and tips to make using them easier.

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