graph on screenThere are a lot of software packages and services out there that promise to solve all your bookkeeping and financial management challenges. You may have been spending some time evaluating them yourself and that may be one of the reasons you are now looking at a service rather than buying one of these “solutions. ” It can be hard to fully understand each option and know which one would likely work best for you.

At Maxwell Money, we’ve evaluated most of the major financial and business management software packages, and we work with many of them every day. We leverage our experience to overcome the top three barriers to putting technology to work for you: selection, implementation, and maintenance.

Make the right choice

Technology is a good servant but a bad master. Selecting the right software is critical, because if you choose a package that isn’t quite right for your needs, you may find yourself shifting your business processes to suit what the package can do. That’s the wrong way around: software should serve your business, not dictate how you’re going to conduct it.
Since we know the packages inside and out, we know the strengths and weaknesses of each. And even more important, we’ve learned from experience which packages suit the clients whose requirements are most like yours.

Set it up right

Every package promises simplicity and ease of everyday use, and most deliver on that. But first you have to implement the package and configure workflows, accounts, users, and authorizations. Plus you have to integrate multiple systems for proactive communication between them. Implementation and integration can be somewhat challenging, and very different from one package to another. Since we’ve done it so many times, though, we’ve mastered the process and can quickly set up your software to accurately support your workflows and environment.

Keep it running well

Since we know these software solutions so well, we know the best ways of working with them. We have experience of using every feature to meet every bookkeeping need, from day-to-day activities to less common tasks. With us running your bookkeeping software, you’ll get the full benefits of state-of-the-art financial management software to manage your finances your way.