Trust ButtonIf you could use help with bookkeeping, but instead are doing it all yourself, there’s probably a simple reason why and it’s probably trust. How can you trust that a bookkeeping service can deliver the quality and confidentiality that you need?

We urge you to evaluate any potential bookkeeping service by the following criteria. These are the qualities we at Maxwell Money offer that enable us to earn the complete confidence of our clients. Before you place your trust in any bookkeeping service, make sure it delivers on all these fronts or keep looking.

Corporate control

There are many fine bookkeepers out there offering a single-person service, but there’s value to having the control that a corporate environment can provide. At Maxwell, there are more sets of eyes on your books, defending you against mistakes or fraud. We establish and periodically review our internal control processes to help ensure that we deliver you a quality of service that is consistently better than the best standalone bookkeeper can offer.

Experience in your field

Look for a firm that works for many other clients like you, so they’re familiar with the challenges and opportunities you face. Maxwell works with individuals private clients and professionals and businesses in the professional services, retail, non-profit, and construction areas.

Technology expertise

Technology is the key to accurate and timely bookkeeping, but no one system will suit all needs, so make sure your bookkeeping service is offering what you need, rather than talking you into what they have. At Maxwell, we’ve learned which systems are best for each type of client, and we support them all. We know how to implement, integrate, and configure workflows and user roles to suit your precise needs. We continually train our staff to make sure they’re proficient in all the technologies that we use.

Privacy and security

We protect your privacy and the security of your information. Good bookkeepers should always be preparing for the unexpected, so we maintain and periodically test our disaster recovery procedures to make sure that nothing not an earthquake or a fire or a computer virus gets in the way of your bookkeeping.


Professionalism should pervade every aspect of a bookkeeping service. At Maxwell Money, we only hire individuals who pass our tough screening for honest and ethical behavior. We check every reference, and we invite you to check ours. We conduct our business in strict accordance with our corporate policies about communication, processes, procedures, segregation of duties, and service frequency. This corporate culture and structure helps us to ensure that we always treat our clients with respect, meticulous attention to detail, and consistent follow-through.

At Maxwell, we’ve got your books.